Make Your Garden Bee-Friendly 2022

Do you want to counteract the death of bees and make your garden bee-friendly? On hot days, the insects quickly run out of water. We will therefore tell you how you can easily build a bee trough for the garden yourself. When temperatures rise slowly, water can quickly become a scarce commodity. Trees, flowers, animals and insects need the cool water to survive. One or the other summer has already shown us how quickly lawns, flowers dry up and turn brown.

That Is Why Bees Need Water

The already threatened bees also need water in order to be able to carry out their work. The hard-working honey bee likes to use dew drops in spring – but these are rare in summer. The small winged animal urgently needs fluids not only for drinking, but also for digesting its food and watering its brood. The closer the water source, the less exhausted bees who perish or drown desperately in a garden pond. That’s why we tell you how you can build a suitable bee trough for your garden yourself to support the insects.


Building Instructions

Distribute the landing aids in the shallow bowl. For example, place a piece of wood so that it protrudes over the edge or distribute several sufficiently large stones in the bowl. Now fill the bowl halfway with water so that the islands look out. Find a good location for the bee waterer, for example near a flower bed. Make sure judi slot online jackpot terbesar not to place the bee trough in the blazing sun. Fill the bee trough regularly with fresh water. A low water level is sufficient. Once your water source is established, the bees will be happy to fly to it in the future. Not only do you do something good for the animals, you also have something exciting to observe.

The Right Water For Bees

The water in the bee trough should not be too cold. Tap water is less suitable for filling; water from a nearby stream, lake or garden pond is better.

Tips For Cleaning and Care

The maintenance effort for a bee trough is about as high as that for a bird trough – both must be cleaned regularly and always contain fresh water. Otherwise, in summer temperatures, bacteria and the like quickly nestle in it. Also consistently fish out dead insects and plant parts. Hot water and a strong brush should be enough for slot online yang sering kasih jackpot cleaning, however, denatured alcohol can help with stubborn dirt, which is rinsed off with plenty of clear water.

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