Popular DIY Garden Ideas To Feel Good 2022

When re-conquering the green garden in spring, not only does the beautiful weather put you in a good mood, but also setting up a nice summer spot in the spring sun is a lot of fun! For many, it is no longer enough just to get the garden furniture out of the sun, the topic of DIY decoration has finally arrived in the garden as well. On this page you can find out everything about the feel-good place of the garden; on the subjects of planting, DIY garden ideas;

Plant The Garden

Whether overgrown or clearly structured, the possibilities to individually design your own piece are almost unlimited. Garden decorations with different flowers are particularly beautiful, because they can be used to set great color accents. But green-in-green can also be beautiful: Trees that provide shade, lush ivy and various ornamental and useful plants look wonderful. But the trend towards your own bed and so-called gardening is not diminishing either: whether vegetables, herbs or small fruit bushes – many types of fruit and vegetables can be grown and harvested yourself.

DIY garden ideas

Garden Ideas: Seats In The Garden

Of course, if you have a beautiful garden, you want to be in it too! With garden furniture you can set up seats in the countryside. For example, furniture made of teak is suitable for outdoors. Garden benches are very popular as a supplement to the seating area around the garden table or individual seating in the shade of your favorite tree.

Garden furniture such as loungers or small polyrattan tables are also a great: They can be used to set up a cozy summer living room in the open air and withstand the occasional rain without any problems. For those who simply want to enjoy the sun, hammocks and armchairs are also recommended on which you can forget the world while reading an exciting novel.

Decoration For Your Garden

There are also many great DIY garden accessories especially for outside, starting with the planter for the patio planting to the garden lighting. Solar lights such as sun glasses, fairy lights or lanterns create an atmosphere – great for every garden! There’s also plenty of DIY garden lighting ideas out there; for example homemade lanterns made from old tin cans!

Small swimming ponds can also look beautiful in the garden. They are more natural and easier to maintain than pools and you can admire them all year round. If the garden is not big enough, however, you can also have a small stone or granite fountain.

Oasis Of Peace: Garden Bed

A nice garden trend is the bed for outside: whether in the evening with lots of cozy pillows or in the bright sun with a drink – the garden bed offers a relaxing retreat in the open air.

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