DIY Garden Lighting Ideas 2022

When summer is just around the corner and the weather is good, you can finally spend time in the garden again. And especially when it’s already dark outside. This creates a pleasantly calm and relaxing mood. A fresh wine for a well-rounded enjoyment might be a good match. However, what is probably the most important thing for long evenings and nights in the garden is lighting, because without it it is difficult to see properly. And if you don’t want to buy expensive lamps, you can make them yourself! That’s exactly what we looked around for and here are the hottest ideas for your DIY garden lighting. Have fun trying.

Bottle Torch

Bottles don’t always have to be thrown away. You can make beautiful torches out of them, which you can then hang up in the garden. They are simple and give off a really great light with the candlelight.


Concrete Hemisphere

With a little more time and patience, you can make these beautiful hemispheres. They can easily be placed on the floor or on the table and are beautiful and decorative garden lighting!

Solid Concrete Sphere

This variant is similar to its predecessor, only here it is not a hemisphere but a whole! It emits the light on the sides and is also decorative. It spreads the light so that you can illuminate a table very well!

Can Lanterns

Everyone has old tins at home. But they don’t have to be thrown away. You can easily poke holes in the can with a pointed object. As soon as you put the tea light in, you can see the pattern glow beautifully!

Paper Lanterns

If you have a large tree in the garden you can attach these beautiful lanterns to it wonderfully. They also give a great light and are really great as decorations.

Wooden Play Of Light

With a sure instinct and a little wood you can make a great lamp for the table! You have to be really careful not to break the wood. You have to work really precisely with the holes too!

LED Garden Light

These instructions for a table lamp are very simple, but you can also use them in the house. With a lamp and a jam jar, this lamp can be made quickly and can be beautifully decorated as you wish

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