Setting Up DIY Herb Garden 2022

Herbs not only refine dishes, but can also heal many ailments and delight all the senses in the garden and on the balcony. However, there are a few things to consider when planning and setting up a herb garden!

If you would like to create a DIY herb garden this year, many questions arise: Which herbs actually go together? Where is the suitable location for the herb garden and can I create a herb garden on the balcony? With these instructions we will guide you step by step to the best herb garden.

Whether For Growing Your Own Vegetables Or As A Herb Spiral

First you have to create a bed before you can plant it! When creating a bed, there are a few points to consider so that gardening in the herb bed will be easier later.

Herb Garden

Creating A Herb Garden: Which Soil?

It depends on the herbs! Special herbal soils from the trade are therefore always only a compromise. They are usually too nutritious and humus for Mediterranean herbs like thyme. Other herbs, such as parsley, prefer even more humus soil and can also cope with regular garden soil. The soil for rosemary, sage and thyme should be dry, well-drained and sandy. All other varieties prefer their soil more humid and humus.

Which Herbs Go Well Together?

The easiest way to create a herb garden is to assign each herb its own pot. If you plant herbs in a large bed, however, you have to make sure that the herbs fit together. First of all, annual and perennial herbs should not be planted together.

Garden, Balcony and Kitchen

You can create herb gardens anywhere: while a garden promises a lot of space and a lot of yield, herbs also thrive in pots on the balcony and window sill.

With a herb bed, you simply plant the herbs in a row like a vegetable bed. Herbal raised bed: You can plant herbs in the raised bed in the same way as in a straw bed. The advantages: Sun-loving herbs get more light and the herbs grow faster due to the increased temperature in the raised bed.

Herbal spirals: They are popular in the garden because you can grow many herbs with different needs in one place without having to stand next to each other. Sun worshipers who thrive in dry substrate come upstairs, while water-loving herbs that prefer humus-rich soil are planted further down.

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