Cheap DIY Garden Decoration For Party Times 2022

You can decorate your garden with little money if you know a few tips and tricks. Here you will find some ideas that you can not only implement cheaply, but also easily. There are beds, plants, garden furniture and decorations for every taste on the online or in garden magazines, but they often cost a lot of money. If you’re buying everything new, creating and maintaining a large garden can quickly become expensive. But that doesn’t have to be the case: you can design your garden party times with little money. In the following we will show you some tips and ideas on how to do this.


Offshoots and Cuttings

Flowers and bushes from specialist shops are often expensive. Instead, ask friends and acquaintances: Maybe someone would like to give you a few offshoots and cuttings, which you can then simply stick in your own soil. Currants and gooseberries, for example, are good – you can cut cuttings 20 cm long from them in autumn and simply stick them as deep as possible into the ground. In the next spring, they will sprout fresh.

You can also easily pull cuttings from other plants, for example wild roses or mantle. Also try to propagate ivy and plant delphiniums. Perhaps you already have perennials in your garden that you can easily divide and replant.

Fill Large Areas Cheaply

Do you have a large garden and don’t know how to fill the open space? Then a flower meadow could be the right thing for you. A packet of flower seeds costs little money, but makes a difference when it comes to garden design. You are doing something good if you choose wildflowers. These usually grow in the wild, but have become increasingly rare in recent years. Insects such as bees or different types of butterflies are happy about the flowers that beautify your garden.

Homemade Pennant Chain For The Garden Party

This cheerful, colorful, self-made pennant chain is a great decoration for party on your terrace. This will make your oasis of well-being outdoors even more beautiful! This pennant chain is quickly sewn and a real eye-catcher as a decorative tool. The colorful, self-sewn fabric garland can also be made quickly and easily for anyone who is still inexperienced in using the sewing machine. Draw a triangle on a piece of board and cut it out as a template. The size of the triangle can be determined by yourself. However, the third side should be shorter than the two sides of the same length.

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