Create A Country Garden 2022

The traditional country garden has been one of the most popular design for decades. Here you can find out how you can tastefully create your own rural.

Anyone who decides to create a country home garden has usually two options: formal or playful. The formally laid out country garden has straight paths as a simple structure, beds framed in boxwood and trees cut into shape. In the playful variant, grass paths meander past lush flowerbeds to a cozy garden shed or a hidden bench. The paths and beds are naturally prepared and modeled. In addition, small streams or a natural pond can be created in the garden.

In addition to the question of taste, the size of the property is of course decisive in the decoration. The clear design is recommended for smaller country gardens, and the playful one based on nature for larger ones. The more space you have, the better, because the more materials you can accommodate in your garden. Attention: A country home garden is not necessarily one of the easy-care options. Anyone who wants to present a well-tended garden must therefore invest an hour or two in gardening.

Create Paths Through The Garden

Structuring in the garden are the paths that guide the visitor or garden owner through the green idyll. In the playful design, trails made of lawn are often enough to move around in the garden. For a little more style, for example, web-like wooden planks or well-ingrown stone slabs fit very well into the terrain.

Bed Borders For The Garden

The bed borders play an important role in the house gardens. They are more than just a frame for the various ornamental beds, they structure the garden, make gardening easier, especially mowing, and reflect the nature of the garden. Stones, clinker or bricks are often used to create flower beds. But wooden constructions such as low picket fences or wickerwork made of willow or hazel branches fit into the picture too.

Design The Garden With Plants

Many of the plants that are planted in our gardens today are from wildflowers. After they were first cultivated in gardens, they later found their way into cottage gardens and thus also into country home gardens. Borders for flower beds in country garden are usually made from box trees. These can be cut very nicely and retain their shape for a long time.

Flowering perennials provide for bushy colors. They can be combined very well with the soft mantle. The popular ground cover grows very quickly and its yellow-green flowers have a long flowering period.

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