DIY Garden Decorations Suggestions 2022

It’s finally that time again and you can make extensive use of your outdoor area. Spring is approaching, the days are getting longer again, the temperatures are rising. When the sun shines again and the warm rays of the sun lure you through the closed shutters, all you want to do is rush outside. So that this does not turn into a tragedy, you may need one or the other idea to bring your garden back into shape and beautify it properly. We scoured the internet and found a few DIY garden decorations for you.

Potato Plant Pot

When researching new ideas for our garden, we also came across so-called potato plant pots. It’s not a DIY idea in its own right, but it also enables people with little space and no garden to harvest potatoes themselves. The opening at the bottom of the container means that there is no need to dig up the entire garden. The provider of this pot, for example promises the first harvest after 100 days. The twin-wall sheets are designed to store the heat in the cavities in such a way that the shoots grow faster. The harvest is easily done by pushing up the hatch. If the pot keeps what it promises, it is definitely a good and, above all, space-saving one to conventional potato cultivation.

DIY Garden Decorations
DIY Garden Decorations

Privacy Protection Through Plant Arrangements

With the next tip, let’s stick with the topic of diy gardens. For a long time we thought about the form in which a privacy screen for our garden fence would make the most sense. In summer the climbing plants bloom beautifully and loll over the metal fence, but in winter there are dead pants here. So we got the idea of ​​growing or hanging up plants. The form in which we would like to implement this has not yet been set in stone, there are already ideas. For example, a hanging herb wall or a more creative model that uses old bottles would be conceivable.

Rustic Yet Contemporary

The table plays an important role – after all, the delicious garden party should also be nicely staged. If you don’t have a large outdoor table for several guests and are looking for a nicer variant of folding tables, it is best to use a pallet table – simply place the wooden pallets next to each other so that a long table is created  all over the garden. This not only looks hip and gives the party a bit of boho flair, but also saves chairs – colorful cushions with patterns are great instead. Fresh flowers, a pretty tablecloth and candles come into play as table decorations.

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