DIY Garden Gifts To Bring Your Outdoor Into Shape 2022

When spring approaches, the sun shines longer again and the temperatures slowly climb back up, then you spend a lot more time outdoors. Whether balcony or maybe even your own garden gifts – now it’s time to bring our outdoor living room back into shape and furnish it comfortably.

Seed Bags From Milk Bags

Empty milk cartons are a good material for handicrafts. The milk carton handicraft is particularly suitable for seed sachets, because the silver-coated side can be easily welded airtight and watertight and the side with the paper can be wonderfully painted, glued, labeled or stamped.

This is perfect. Due to the coated side, the seeds can survive protected from environmental influences and the craft paper can be used to store useful data and to decorate the bags nicely. It’s good to like to stamp the name of the plant and the year on the seed bag. But you can also glue on a dried flower or paint a picture of the flower or glue on a photo of the flower. The DIY seed bags also look very special. They are a wonderful garden gifts to make yourself.

Favorite Flowers From The DIY Seed Bag

They are so beautiful, bloom endlessly and as delicate as they look – they are really robust. Every year you can collect the seeds and store them in DIY seed bags. In spring you can then easily close any gap in the bed by spreading a suitable seed sachet there. The whole thing cost me maybe an hour or two in autumn and in spring you save having to put on pots and the like, because the sowing with the seeds in the bed works directly.


Lanterns are in particular are a great idea to create a nice atmosphere, especially in the twilight hours of the evening. Such lights are also very easy to make yourself. We have instructions for you on how you can make a lantern out of a mason jar yourself – with a handle made of jute rope and lots of green in the form of moss.

A Hanging Chair From An Old Pallet

Little effort, a lot of relaxation. The hanging swing made from a pallet is a an eye-catcher, but we cannot report here how comfortable it is.

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