Creative DIY Garden Decorations 2022

Even if dozens of books are published about garden design, you simply cannot get enough of the topic of fancy creative DIY garden decorations. This could be due to the fact that in your own garden you can feel a creative freedom, which differs in every season in the color nuances and in their mood. Researchers  who deal with creativity know very well that places like the garden, for example, dissolve very specific feelings into one, which often leads to good, creative DIY decorations.

In the following we have put together as many examples as possible, how you can make a fancy garden decoration yourself. Take a look and collect different garden decorations that you can also implement in your own garden. We hope you enjoy reading on!

Garden Sofa Made From Pallets

In principle, to create a seat in the garden, it is sufficient to stack pallets on top of one another. We discovered the advanced example of a pallet outdoor with armrests from another, cut pallet and matching seat cushions under a beautiful pergola – also made by ourselves. It consists of four pallets, two on top of each other and two next to each other. We built a kind of armrest on which we can put little things like coffee or planters.  It is jacked up on four beams, on each of which we have planted wild vines. It grows really well in summer and we have already been able to harvest and nibble countless grapes.

creative DIY garden decorations

A  Watering Can As A Flower Pot

Do you have an old metal watering that can be around in the garage and don’t know where to put it? Even if it is rusty or has a few holes – it is good as a flower pot! All you need for this DIY decoration is a watering can and your favorite flowers. If the watering can is already very rusty, an inner pot for the flowers is worthwhile so that the can lasts longer.

A Bicycle As A Garden Decoration?

Sounds strange, but it looks beautiful! Do you still have an old bike standing around that you can no longer use? A great opportunity to give the two-wheeler a new life in your garden. You can leave the bike in the color or paint it completely with the color of your choice. And then come the flowers: all garden flowers that you like are suitable here.

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