13 Genius DIY Garden Furniture Ideas You Definitely Want To Make 2022

Furniture found in stores can often be overshadowed by its prices!

No one wants to spend an arm and a leg on some outdoor furniture. So if you consider yourself a DIY master, or are looking at trying our your hand at DIY, then this article is just for you!

DIY projects are awesome for so many reasons.

The feeling of walking past or using a piece of furniture in your home which you know you made with your very own hands is quite satisfying.

Then there’s the winning feeling of not overspending on a ready made piece of furniture in the store.

And lastly, the simple satisfaction of starting and finishing a project!

20 Amazing DIY Furniture Ideas

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Hopefully a few of these DIY furniture ideas are something you might implement into your home!

Feel free to let us all know if you have any other great DIY ideas!

20 Amazing DIY garden furniture ideas you need to try!

#1: Make Your Own Curved Fire Pit Bench

Found at HGNV

I grew up in Africa, and sitting around a fire place was the most popular activity of all time!

Nothing quite beats it, and having a comfortable fire place with a seating area in your own backyard is pretty awesome!

#2: DIY Outdoor Rolling Cart

Found at Anything Pretty

If you plan on entertaining a few guests outdoors at home, then this DIY project is perfect for serving up a few drinks!

#3: DIY Garden Lounges

Found at Ana-White

Perfect for whenever the weather’s good and you feel like having a bit of a lounge in your garden!

#4: DIY Potting Bench

Found at BHG

Perfect for any of you home gardeners who need a bit of space to store your gardening tools and pots.

#5: DIY Outdoor Garden Privacy Wall

Found at DIY Passion

Perfect for anyone looking for some well needed privacy in their gardens!

#6: DIY Concrete Side Table

Found at Store Front Life

A great looking addition which you should definitely add to your outdoor furniture. It’s extremely solid, and will last a long time!

#7: DIY Outdoor Bench

Found at DIY Candy

The great thing about this outdoor bench is it can be used at a seat or as a table!

#8: Outdoor Bench With Arbor

Found at Ana-White

This arbor bench is absolutely stunning! It comes with a roof and closed sides, and is perfect for anyone’s garden.

#9: DIY Outdoor Chairs

Found at Not Just A Housewife

Simply beautiful and extremely useful, these outdoor chairs are a great DIY addition to your outside space!

#10: DIY Planter Box

Found at Shanty 2 Chic

This DIY planter box is extremely useful, and serves a double purpose of holdinhttps://dekorstyling.com/wp-admin/post-new.phg plants and acting as a seat!

#11: Garden Bench From Repurposed Chairs

Found at My Repurposed Life

A very stylish and good looking outdoor DIY piece of furniture.

#12: Pallet Daybed

Found at Pretty Prudent

Perfect for lounging in the sun, or even having a sleep outside!

#13: DIY Cabana Lounge

Found at Jaime Costiglio

Real cool and cosy idea if you have space for it!


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