Fresh DIY Garden Decoration 2022

Are you looking for fresh DIY garden decoration? Our new creative guide presents you with a wealth of suggestions.

Nice Privacy Screen

Would you sometimes like to enjoy your strawberry or rhubarb cake in the garden without the whole neighborhood watching you? Or is the view from the terrace onto the street not quite as good as you would like it to be? If you want to create a cozy refuge that provides security and possibly also keeps wind and weather out, a privacy screen is an excellent solution. Use natural elements for this – they fit in an enchanted country garden, and it’s even nicer when they are already a bit weathered. For smaller nooks and crannies, wooden elements such as cupboard doors, shutters or wooden doors can be revived.

Tablecloth For The Garden Table To Sew Yourself

The table in the garden is nicely prepared for the registered guests and then a gust of wind is enough to blow up the tablecloth and cause chaos? Various tablecloth weights either don’t look good or can’t be found at the moment. That’s why I sewed a tablecloth that is heavy enough, due to the double layer of fabric, not to be carried away by a breezy summer. For the production it is good if you have a little practice in sewing, or you sit down with a friend or two and you sew the good piece several times. At least that’s how I did it with my friend. This also has the advantage that you can complement yourself with the various fabrics. Have fun sewing!

DIY Garden Mushrooms Made Of Wood

Mushrooms as decoration in the garden are a special highlight for us. And every DIY garden decoration is even more beautiful for us if we have made it ourselves. Here we show you how you can make your own large mushrooms for the garden with little effort. Your own mushroom always has a very personality, it is only found once in the world and in your garden.

DIY garden

This gives your wellness oasis your very own touch. If you want to make several mushrooms at the same time, we have another tip for you: The decoration and the entire garden come into their own if you don’t put mushrooms in many places, but choose a specific area in the garden. There they can then stand in a group or on their own.

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