Checklist For DIY Garden Decoration 2022

You have taken over a garden and are now wondering: How do I actually create a garden? No problem: With our checklist you can easily lay out your DIY garden and approach your first year of gardening in a relaxed manner. The to-dos for those new to gardening.

If you want to create a garden, you usually have to plow a lot. The good news: You can also relax. If you go through this checklist before you get started, you can save yourself a lot of stress. Promised.

Retreat Areas

When designing the garden, structure the space with hedges, shrubs and trellises. This creates small poles of calm and seclusion.

Make Gardening Easier

Gardening can be relaxing. But it can also grow over your head. Small tricks, such as a potato tower or a pallet bed, will help you save time and energy.

Water Features

Water is the element of the soul. A garden pond creates an oasis of calm, while a small fountain dampens disturbing outside noises.


Green Walls

Overgrown privacy screens and gardens are the right answer to curious glances from neighbors – and much prettier than bare walls.

Evergreen Plants

Evergreen plants have great advantages: the green color relaxes them, they are usually less maintenance-intensive and the garden looks inviting even in spring and autumn.


However, the most important thing for a cozy garden is personality. Because only in a garden that suits you 100%, you will feel comfortable.

Build An Insect House!

Become an owner and build stately accommodation for wild bees, lacewings and insects! This will make you an environmentalist and a builder at the same time. The insects are always happy about a suitable place to nest and those who build and beautify the insect space according to their own ideas also have beautiful and useful design for their own garden!

Reuse Discarded Items!

Whether it’s discarded rubber boots, the old teapot or car tires – many things can be easily repurposed. All it takes is imagination and a little skill. Old car tires, for example, can be used to make flower pots, stools, garden tables or a tree swing! And with a lot of color you can breathe new life into your old tire in no time.

Build Pallet Furniture!

What furnishing markets have now recognized as a fashion of their own and sell for expensive money, you can also build yourself with a little skill! Furniture made from pallets is not only weatherproof and almost indestructible, but is also a great DIY decoration. Inspiration and instructions can be found in abundance – all that remains is the question of what you want to build: a couch, a table, a sideboard or maybe a raised bed?

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