The Latest DIY Garden Trends 2022

The garden newsletters come with the beginning of spring: with planting and harvesting times, reminders, DIY ideas and the latest garden trends, there is no shortage of topics. There is something for everyone here, whether it’s a garden, urban gardening or indoor plants. Everything is covered with this newsletter.

But this year it will be all the better. Because right at the beginning of spring there is the companion for the new season.  Here we show you everything you need to know about your garden and indoor plants and much more in the coming months.

Only Give The Best To Your Flowers

Our newsletter offers a wide range of topics. Do you want to know the best time to plant your vegetable patch? How do you decorate your garden trends as best as possible? What is the best care for your houseplant? Or which flowers make the flowerbed for summer 2021? Then you are exactly right.

We don’t just offer topics about gardens. No, we have topics for balcony gardeners with little space, house plants, everything about urban gardening and how you can grow your own vegetables on the windowsill.

Garden Trends

Refresh Garden Fence

Can your garden fence need a freshening up? Or do you want to spice up the wall of your shed? Hanging a garden mirror can go a long way. By making it yourself from mirror glass, your project can be carried out quite cheaply Рand you just have another fun DIY decoration that is on the agenda. Complete your mirror with a beautiful wooden frame. And last but not least Рa garden mirror makes your garden look bigger! Reason enough to make one yourself.

Colorful Variety: Ornamental Garden And Sunflowers

Anyone who loves to combine bright colors in their garden should rely on creating an ornamental garden. Lilies: this makes the first rays of sun even more fun! By the way: after the spring flowers have bloomed, they should be cut back so that they can stick their heads out of the ground again next year.

A special eye-catcher is always the creation of a small sunflower field. Sowing individual flowers of this type is also a helpful tip when it comes to creatively closing any gaps within a flower bed.

Under Your Self-Made Patio Roof

Rain or shine, whatever the weather; when spring comes you just want to be able to sit outside. In our DIY building a patio roof yourself, we explain how you can make a patio roof on your house yourself. In winter you can then use the roofing as additional storage space – sit underneath with a cozy wool blanket and patio heater. Do you have no space for a roof, but do you still need a shelter, for example to protect your bicycles from moisture?

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