Small Garden Space DIY Bench 2022

Summer is coming and you want to spruce up your garden. Because what could be nicer than enjoying mild summer evenings outdoors? So that you also have enough seating on a small garden, we show you how you can build a simple wooden garden bench yourself.

Build Garden Bench With Storage Space Yourself

The robust wood composite panels have sealed surfaces and are insensitive to moisture and scratches. We also like the dark, sealed surfaces in combination with the open wood-colored edges. The good thing about the self-made bench: water boxes, watering cans, sand toys and other things disappear under the seat so that they don’t take up any space on the garden. You can get all the materials for the self-made garden bench at the hardware store.


Garden Design In A Small Space

With the DIY garden bench, we not only created seating, but also additional storage space for the garden. Colorful pillows make the bench cozy, bulky water boxes disappear under the bench. Here we share the ideas for the garden design in a small space with you.

The weekly market is the right source for a large load of fresh flowers and herbs with which you can stock the flower boxes and numerous other vessels. The rule here is: the more varied the shapes and colors of the flower pots, the better. All the pots that you didn’t like were repainted and mostly dipped in fresh white or contrasting black. Here, a natural-colored specimen also flashes out. Step one: flower arrangements, done! Just adding a table and chairs didn’t seem like much for garden project. The piece of furniture takes up the entire width of the garden and three water boxes fit underneath – more storage space was another goal for the small garden.

More Ideas For DIY Garden Benches

The good thing about self-made garden benches is that you can cut them exactly to the size of your garden. Whether made of plywood or pallets, with a storage compartment or backrest – be inspired by these designs for DIY bench seats!

Cleverly constructed: If the two stools are pushed under the bench, they form a closed front and hide the water boxes. This DIY bench made of wood is a seat and a flower box in one. It is good to use plastic inserts for the flower box, so you can vary the planting. On this narrow garden, a table and two benches are fixed to the wall with hinges and can be folded out to make a seat if necessary.

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