Garden Bag To Do Yourself 2022

With the self-designed bag, doing without plastic bags is easy. It can withstand a lot of weight and can be used again and again. And our garden bag is also impressive. It is adorned with a decorative leaf plant. The beauty of the leaves is not only celebrating a huge comeback as a houseplant. As a trend, it now adorns many fabrics. We will show you step by step how you can use a simple cloth bag to create a DIY great garden bag in a look with a little skill.

Garden Bag

You Need That For The Garden Bag

Draw The Motif On Felt

First, draw a large leaf on a piece of cardboard and carefully cut out the design. Then the outlines of the leaves are transferred to the green felt with tailor’s chalk. The great thing about felt is that it is very easy to cut and sew. Prepare several leaves in different shades of green – different shapes and sizes look nice.

Cut Out The Motif

With the help of scissors you can now carefully cut out the felt sheets for the garden bag one after the other. Before you start sewing, you should also iron the cotton bag until it is smooth.

Position The Motif On The Bag

Now you can lay out the leaf as you like on the bag and fix it with several pins. Try placing one or two more leaves on the garden bag so that a harmonious picture is created.

Apply The Motif

Last but not least, you can apply the motif. To do this, put all the top sheets to one side and use the sewing machine to sew the bottom sheet on all around with a close edge. Since the felt does not fray, a straight stitch is sufficient. The fabric edges do not have to be hemmed in a quickly.

Sew On Other Motifs

Now you can sew on more motifs: To do this, position the second leaf on the garden bag and sew the felt all around. Colorful appliques can also be made from colorful scraps of fabric.

The large-leaved plant causes a stir with its strikingly slit leaves. Apart from a lot of space in a bright location, it doesn’t need a lot of attention besides little irrigation water and some fertilizer. Incidentally, the window leaf does not only have a decorative look as a fabric application: the striking leaf can be easily printed on cards using foam rubber stencils. Acrylic paint can also be applied to the top of the sheet and then stamped flat.

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