4 DIY Garden Table Decorations 2022

Are you looking for DIY garden table decorations for outdoors? Then have a look if you can find what you are looking for here:

Summer Flowers

Colorful summer flowers and various herbs grow in the patches and delight us with their colors and scents. You can also bring a bit of summer to the table! I think these little bottle vases are just adorable. They are exactly the right size so that you can always enchant the table – inside and outside – with a colorful sea of ​​flowers. Unfortunately, many summer flowers do not last very long in the vase. Only a few days they show themselves from their most beautiful side. Nevertheless, I always like to combine the different summer bloomers with each other.

After pruning my lavender over the weekend to create a second bloom in late summer, some of the fragrant flower stalks came straight to my small bottle vases on the table. In this case without water because I want to dry the lavender. It exudes its enchanting scent and even has a great effect: Lavender keeps insects away.

garden table decorations

Table Decorations For Gardeners: Mini Vegetable Patch

Did you know that the top of carrots will grow green again when placed in water? I put exactly such carrot scraps in a bowl with a little water. After a few days, lush green grew out. If you put these carrots, which have awakened to new life, on some soil, it almost looks as if carrots are growing out of a vegetable patch. Isn’t that a great garden table decorations?

Spring Decoration With Hyacinths

From the beginning of the year you can find the thick tubers with the strong flower bases almost everywhere in the garden. They are available in different colors: white, yellow, pink. The plants are about to bloom and are wonderfully suitable for decoration on the table. As a plant, the hyacinth works by itself. You don’t have to create a lot of decoration around the outside. I’ve put one bulb in each jar and I’m already looking forward to it when the white flower shows itself in its glory. A decoration that immediately conjures up spring in the house.

DIY Decorations With Leaves – It’s That Easy

For the little decoration you need nothing more than a glass, a candle, a few colorful leaves and some ribbon. The only tool required is scissors. Nothing is glued or laboriously tied. The handicraft time is only about 5 minutes per light. This small decoration with leaves is wonderfully suitable when guests spontaneously announce themselves and the table needs to be set quickly.

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