DIY Beautiful Garden Decorations 2022

With flowering shrubs, lawns and flowers of all kinds you have turned your garden decorations into a gem – beautiful DIY objects can now give your green kingdom the finishing touch! There is a large selection in flower shops and stores but how about one of a kind piece that you design yourself? Here are some garden decorations for small and large gardens that will make your own place special!

Create A Micro Pond

A tiny pond can be an eye-catcher on a garden. An old wine barrel or a zinc tub, for example, is suitable as a vessel. If the container is no longer waterproof, it must first be lined with pond liner. Do this generously so that the pond liner has enough play and does not tear later.

If everything is tight, the pond plants can be used. Each species needs a certain depth of water – choose this according to the height of your vessel. If you leave the plants in their baskets, you will avoid uncontrolled growth in a small space. Then sprinkle in coarse gravel to stabilize the plant baskets. Then you can fill in water – the micro pond is ready! For maintenance, all you have to do is remove algae and dead plant parts from time to time.

Garden Decorations

Vertical Garden

Plant vertically upwards – with the towards gardening, this space-saving and decorative planting is an eye-catcher in many gardens. It’s quick and easy with a palette: First wash it thoroughly with plenty of water and a brush. After drying, you can paint the palette as you like or simply leave it in its state. Now place the pallet vertically. You can use the spaces between the upper and lower plank layers – now front and back. Staple a sturdy, waterproof film to form a pocket. You can now fill this with soil and plant it as you like – herbs are particularly beautiful, but small flowers also look great.

Flower Pots With Mosaic

Those who are tired of the red look of conventional clay pots can provide variety with diligence and craftsmanship. You need filler, grout, an old rag or sponge and, depending on your taste, pebbles, colored shards or purchased mosaic stones.

First mix the filler according to the instructions. Then apply this to the pot with the spatula and press the mosaic into it. If the pot is larger or the mosaic is very small, you can first coat only part of it with filler so that it does not harden. Then let everything dry well. Then fill the gaps generously with grout. Your individual flower pot is ready!

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