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How is your summer garden and landscape looking? As I recently shared in my Vintage Summer Garden Tour, I didn’t get nearly as much accomplished as I would have liked this summer, but my neighbors (and master gardeners) always have their landscape looking beautiful for summer! Not only do they have beautiful gardens, but I admire that they also use the water from their rain barrel to water their plants.

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I am always wanting to embrace more sustainable and green living practices, so after seeing how easy it is for them to use the water collected in their rain barrel, I wanted to find out a little more about rainwater harvesting.  Today I am sharing some beautiful rain barrel ideas for rainwater harvesting. 

Although I love the idea of rainwater harvesting from a green living standpoint, I have not been really excited about the idea of having a big plastic barrel or a even a trash can barrel right in the landscape. I was afraid of attracting mosquitoes since you should remove standing water immediately.

Source Hello dear readers! How is your summer garden and landscape looking? As I recently shared in my Vintage…

After looking more into the idea however, I now understand how rain barrels work, how to keep mosquitoes out an how to keep the water clean. I also discovered some really beautiful barrels and also some ways to camoflauge them in the garden. Here are some beautiful rain barrel ideas.

A classic wooden whiskey or wine barrel can easily be repurposed as a rain barrel. It is the perfect rain barrel choice for  country or vintage cottage garden style.

Harvesting rainwater is an ability any long-term prepper should have. 

A wooden barrel provides a more natural and organic look than a metal or plastic barrel and blends more easily into the surrounding landscape.

From sleek, multi-purpose tanks to old-school wooden barrels to underground cisterns – we have you covered.

The rain barrel in this classically styled garden area is both functional and beautiful.

These types of containers not only serve the purpose of collecting water, but they can beautify the garden at the same time.

Incorporating a beautiful rainwater chain enhances the garden aesthetic.

You can even cover the outside of a rain barrel with a natural looking gabion. If you don’t want to DIY,  there are many beautiful rain barrels on the market today.

I love all of these beautiful rain barrels, and I especially love the idea of incorporating more sustainable living practices.


I hope this post has inspired you to consider setting up a rain barrel or even a rainwater harvesting system.  If you already have a rain barrel or water collecting system in place, I would love to hear from you!

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