DIY Garden Decoration Surprises 2022

The garden should be colorful. Sure, we already have flowers of all kinds in there, hats distributed as insect houses, so far everything is good. But there is always a little more possible. This year we discovered the DIY garden decoration. There are so many options who do it really well.

Surprise Effect

Making a path made of gravel or stones disappear behind bushes creates the impression of a larger garden decoration. In general, a lot can be done with gravel. In addition to creating paths, the stones can also be used to demarcate beds or create spirals. You can get the garden all-rounder for little money and usually in every garden space.

As you can see, great garden ideas can also be found and implemented for little money. You will feel right at home in your green realm and, in addition to beautiful surroundings, you can also grow delicious vegetables or herbs. Because you can be even more proud of what you have made yourself.

garden decoration

Bird Baths Made From Brightly Painted Pots

Design unusual bird baths according to your taste, using simple clay pots. These are combined with trivets made of the same material. These bird baths get the right kick from a brightly colored, weatherproof paint. In addition, cleverly stacked, these everyday products for the balcony gardener quickly become real eye-catchers. By the way: The garden craft is also ideal for planting. Then the pots should be glazed with a so-called clay seal, so that the outer layer of paint is not peeled off by the pouring water over time. Painted coasters do not have to be glazed if they already have a layer of lacquer inside.

Tinker Maritime Balls For The Garden

Brightly painted and dusted with a bit of glitter, the happy fish dance, not through a body of water, but soon through many a beautiful garden. Also on the balcony – then simply put in a bucket – this decoration always cuts a fine figure.

Once the garden balls have dried, paint the squiggles on the body with a color that matches with the surface with a fine brush. Spread an adhesive around the flourishes on the whole ball and sprinkle glitter on it. Now cut into the fins and the mouth of the fish at the planned point, bend them a little and attach them to the ball with a stapler or strong glue, just like the fish mouth. The parts can have colorful contours or surfaces before they are attached. Now all you have to do is paint on the big googly eyes, fix the balls on the round stick with hot glue, for example, and add shells or other maritime stuff that are attached to top it off.

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