DIY Decoration For Sunny Garden Days 2022

Spending the time during the pandemic in the garden is just wonderful. Your children will have a lot of fun if you give them one of these great ideas in the garden. Some are very simple, others a little more demanding. Depending on how creative and hard-working your DIY decoration technique is in the heat.

Although we love city life, sometimes we would like to have a large garden with vegetable patches and fruit trees. No wonder if you grew up with it. Since there is currently no private garden in sight, everyone is busy cooking on the balcony. Because even in this small space, some things can be planted, such as peppers, tomatoes, radishes and of course all kinds of herbs. You just have to try it out and be a little creative. For example, we discovered some great ideas for our own garden.

Rocks and Stones Can Be Useful

You can use them to demarcate certain areas in your garden and even build a raised garden bed. Arrange the stones in a spiral and create a small vegetable garden. Of course, you can create other shapes and decorations as well, so be creative.

Another idea is to build a window frame so you can see some when you look out the window. Building the box is easy and then comes the fun part: choosing the plants. You could go with brightly colored, flowering plants, cascading plants, or even grass.

DIY Decoration

Did You Know That You Can Build A Planter Box Out Of Pallets?

It’s not that difficult at all, provided you have the tools and supplies you need. You could use the boards from a wooden pallet or some scrap wood from previous projects. The decoration we propose is simple, with plenty of customization. Beautify your porch with a planter that you can build yourself from scratch. You can give it whatever proportions you want based on the plants and planters you prefer.

Hanging planters are also great for patios and porches.  Paint the planter to stand out or leave it all with an emphasis on the patina of the wood and the beauty of the reclaimed elements. This is a pallet herb garden, another easy DIY decoration to spend your weekend doing. You can leave your new herb garden inside and lean casually against one of the walls in the kitchen or on the patio or even on the patio when it’s nice and sunny outside.

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