Which Materials Are Suitable For DIY Garden Decorations 2022

Nature is a rich source of materials from which one can make beautiful designs. And not just for indoor use, but also for outdoor use. Today we are talking about how you can make beautiful garden decorations yourself from elements. Have we piqued your interest? Do you also want to tinker your garden decorations? Then take a look at the following suggestions and let yourself be inspired for your own garden decoration! Because every season is much more exciting with an attractive design!

Garden Figures Made Of Wood

Wood finds its right place in the garden. Figures made of wood give the outdoor area an excellent look and create a great style outside. If you want to make your garden appear natural or simply funny, then rely on wood for your craft! In a garden designed with wooden garden, you feel invited to linger for a long time. It is not particularly difficult to make garden decorations out of wood. But style is the order of the day!

When it comes to making wooden garden objects yourself, you have complete freedom to realize your creativity. Pallets and tree stumps are then suitable for realizing the DIY ideas. Old doors and other wooden furniture could also find a new use. Real works of art such as funny eye-catchers, planters and vases can be created! Convince yourself with the following examples!


Asian Garden

Asian garden design stand for tranquility. And that also works in small gardens or even only in a certain area on the balcony. Size is not judi online everything, but it has to be consistent. A Buddha figure on a stool does not make a garden design, this only works with the combination of several decoratives: framed by a small water feature, bamboo and maple in a bucket, a figure spreads calm in a small space.

Plants As Garden Design

Bright red, bright yellow or a deep blue: a lush display of flowers in the bed or in the tub is the dream of every garden owner. This works with perennials. You should arrange the plants correctly right from the start so that flowers slot gacor come into their own as garden design.

Decoration From Used Items

Decoration in the shabby wood or even concrete with a patina, give the garden a rural touch like in the country garden. Old garden tools, zinc pots and other garden materials are also very popular. Old rakes, which may slot online yang sering kasih jackpot have rusted, make nice wall brackets for hanging baskets, for example.

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