The Big Garden Birdwatch Diy Decoration Garden 2022

With more and more of us having taken enjoyment from our gardens during the pandemic, why not participate in the Big Garden Birdwatch diy decoration garden this year?

All you have to do is choose an hour any time over the three days and enjoy time with nature counting birds.

Over half a million people already regularly take part. This participation, coupled with +40 years of data, allows the Big Garden Birdwatch to monitor trends and helps the RSPB understand how our birds are doing.

The RSPB says the key things birds will need this winter are food, water and shelter.

Take it easy: Kitchen scraps like mild grated cheese, bruised fruit (not mouldy), cooked rice, unsalted bits of hard fat, roast potatoes and dry porridge go down a treat with garden birds. You can provide an excellent full-fat winter food by making your own bird cakes or fat balls. The RSPB also suggests calorie-rich foods like mixed seed, sunflower seed, nyjer seed and good quality peanuts.

No thank you! There are some foods you should avoid as they can be dangerous for birds. Cooking fat from the roast mixes with meat juices during cooking to make a runny, greasy mixture. This sticks to feathers and stop them from being waterproof. Other foods to avoid are dried coconut, cooked porridge oats, milk, and mouldy or salted food.

Plan your planting: Providing shelter from the harsh weather is extremely important. the big bird decoration garden


With half a million people taking part every year, and over 40 year’s worth of surveys, the RSPB is able to gather important data on bird and wildlife trends in the UK. The results help to inform environmental changes if needed, as well as celebrating success stories.

Looking for a lockdown activity? It’s that time of year again when the RSPB ask people around the UK to take part in their annual Big Garden Birdwatch 2021 – so grab your binoculars and help document the nature on your doorstep.

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