Eye Catching DIY Garden Decoration 2022

Do you like to spend time planting and keeping green your garden? We will show you how you can skillfully stage your plants with a few simple DIY garden decoration steps and make them eye-catchers in the neighborhood.

Plants In The Small Greenhouse – From Lightbulbs To Greenhouses

Burned out lightbulb? Do not fret! And above all, don’t throw it away. The lamp will not give you any more light, but it will give you space for small plants. First of all, of course, you need to remove the wires from the glass body. Fill the bottom of the empty lightbulb with a thin layer of pebbles, then add the earth. If you want, you can also add decorative materials such as moss. It is best to choose succulents for this the plants need little water because they are adapted to life in very dry areas. The special thing about succulents is that their roots, leaves or trunk serve as sap stores. Make sure, that your plant is in a place with enough light and air supply.

Hanging Gardens In The Window

Do you prefer to cook with fresh herbs, but do you always lose them? This could be because your kitchen or the room you keep the herbs in is too dark. If you don’t have a garden decoration for the herbs, don’t despair! Simply make your own hanging gardens for your windows. All you need are: Plastic bottles, wooden strips, resilient cord, soil and of course the herbs or seeds you want as well as scissors, screwdriver or knife. After you have thoroughly washed the bottles, cut them in the middle or at the widest point. Poke another hole in the lid so that water can seep through. To hang it up, two opposing holes must be punched in the upper half of the bottle – ideally with a hole punch or screwdriver.

Garden Decoration

Colorful Hustle and Bustle In The Garden

Are you finding your flower pots bland? Time to try new things! We have found creative upcycling for you on how you can arrange your beloved plants a little differently: Old carrier bags and shopping baskets, suitcases, shoes, birdhouses and cages no longer have to be out a dreary existence in the storage room, but can serve wonderfully as plant containers. With the bags, simply hang the handles over garden fences, wall hooks or branches.

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